MINI Windshield Replacement

Repair or replace? We’re all for clarity

Even when it’s minor, damage to your MINI’s windshield is more than just a distraction. Damage from road debris can reduce the integrity of your windshield, impair your vision and jeopardize your safety.

Windshield Replacement Solutions at MINI of St. Louis

Damage to your MINI windshield can lead to major problems, such as a large crack that impairs driving visibility and reduces vehicle safety. To ensure your safety and continued enjoyment of a beautiful MINI, consider having a heavily damaged windshield completely replaced. MINI of St. Louis provides professional windshield replacement solutions to the Metro St Louis, Mo Area. MINI of St. Louis offers the expert help of certified technicians, who specialize in restoring vehicles to factory approved standards of quality.

The windshield is an integral part of many of your MINI’s features as well as safety benefits. Your MINI windshield was built with MINI’s highest standards. If your windshield’s current condition is beyond repair and in need of replacement, MINI of St. Louis is able to offer MINI approved windshield replacement service keeping all of the windshields integral features and warranties intact.

Do you know the difference between MINI Glass vs. Aftermarket?

Aftermarket glass is cut to fit many different cars while MINI glass is made for your specific year and model.

Aftermarket glass can affect your Rain Sensor, Light Sensor, Condensation Sensor, Heads-Up Display, Lane Departure Warning, and Climate Control.

MINI has a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty or the balance of the new vehicle warranty period, whichever is greater, on all OEM factory glass which covers defects or workmanship.

Questions for your insurance company

Is the company they want you to use MINI Glass Certified? Will they use MINI glass and a MINI install kit?

Cracked Windshield? MINI of St Louis Can Help!

If the integrity of your windshield has recently been compromised, bring it in to MINI of St Louis and they’ll take care of it! They have the tools to restore your windshield to spec., so you can drive with confidence and security. Let MINI of St Louis do their most careful and precise work in repairing your MINI’s windshield, and you’ll be back on the road within a timely manner.

Most windshield damage is repairable, but if it is beyond repair, the windshield can be replaced using Original MINI Parts. For windshield repair or replacement please call MINI of St. Louis.

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